Wednesday, 19 June 2013 16:19

Karen Pamintuan of Lifestyle Network's LISTED is Now Officially a Boudoir Doll

We've been excited about this post for about a month now but wanted to keep mum about it till the segment came out on Lifestyle Network's show LISTED which finally hapenned last night :) Karen is one of the hosts of this TV show and we were really excited to do this shoot with her as we've seen some of the episodes of Listed and we thought it would really be a wonderful opportunity if we could share our passion for boudoir photography through their show. We also got to work again with one of our favorite Make up Artists, Kaycee Lim for this shoot and we loved what she did with Karen's Make up :)


Karen describes herself as a bit of a geek and so she wanted to bring that into the shoot as well, and although a natural in front of the camera, Karen told us that she'd be more comfortable with the poses that aren't too sexy, which of course, we felt was perfect, because as you would notice with most of the work we post on our blog, we really try to keep our work more subdued and modest than most intimate shoots. We had about 30 minutes to do this shoot and it was quick and a lot of fun, a lot of the photos though, are kept for Karen's own perusal, these are the ones that we chose based on what they chose for their TV segment as well.


So here it is, Karen Pamintuan officially becomes a boudoir doll!



SHY 3363


SHY 3492

SHY 3460

SHY 3435



You may also check out the video clip here:


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